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Cheap Motels In Los Angeles: Book Now Pay Later Motels

Motels are usually cheaper than hotels making them a great stay option for travelers. Are you traveling to Los Angeles and booking cheap motels to stay in?

Cheap Motels in Los Angeles

We got you. A motel is a roadside hotel designed primarily for motorists, typically having the rooms arranged in low blocks with parking directly outside.

But they are a great option for anyone if you know the right place to look for.

What Is Book Now Pay Later Motels?

Cheap motels are basically hotels but within your budget. They provide everything you need at a minimum, but each at a lower price than a hotel.

And the most important thing on this expensive day is the shelter you will stay in during your trip. Here on TrueTravelPlanner, you will find the most selected deals on cheap motels near me.

In the last few years, cheap motel rooms near me in the US have started from $30, but generally, prices have been close to $50.

Prices are provided by our partners and reflect the average room rate per night, including fixed taxes and fees payable at the time of booking. Any motel charges that are not fixed or non-payable at the time of booking may be paid by the property at the time of stay.

There are several circumstances where you don’t get able to check in the motel you have already booked due to some last-minute issues.

That’s why motels have started the new service of the book now pay later motels also known as post-pay motels. In this, you can book your motel deal at any time and check in and after the day when you will check out at that time, you can pay the amount of the cost.

Cheap Motels In Los Angeles Book Now Pay Later
Cheap Motels In Los Angeles Book Now Pay Later

Cheap Motel Deals Near Me Under $30, $40, $50

If you decide on certain cheap motels in Los Angeles and decide to stay there even though the train goes by every 4 hours and blasts its horn, at least you will expect it and remind yourself that you are getting cheap motels near me under $30.

Also, you going to get options like a life with that or you can decide to stay for a little good at cheap motels near me under $40.

As you most certainly can find a great cheap motel near me under $50, all it takes is a little research.

Since lodging costs can be the most expensive aspect of traveling the highways of America, this simple tip can save you lots of money and disappointment.

Top 10 Cheap Motels In Los Angeles

At TrueTravelPlanner, Los Angeles take a look at the great deals about cheap motels in Los Angeles we’ve already found.

Cheap motels in Los Angeles with in-room hot tubs at attractions, then use the filters to find the perfect deal.

Sl. No.Motel NamesLocationRate
1.Hollywood Inn Express South141 N Alvarado St, Los Angeles$73
2.LA Ramona Motel3211 W Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles$78
3.Mission Motel11920 Long Beach Blvd, Lynwood$59
4.Crenshaw Inn Motel6303 Crenshaw Blvd, Los Angeles$53
5.Sand Piper Motel4112 S Central Ave, Los Angeles$68
6.World Motel11112 Long Beach Blvd, Lynwood$61
7.24 Hours Motel5857 Crenshaw Blvd, Los Angeles$74
8.Comet Motel10808 S Avalon Blvd, Los Angeles$74
9.Central Inn Motel4074 S Central Ave, Los Angeles$75
10.Hollywood Guest Inn6700 Sunset Blvd, Hollywood$67
Top 10 Cheap Motels In Los Angeles

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Whether you’re looking for enough space for the whole family to stay or a place to impress your loved one, our book now has all your needs covered, beautiful cheap motels in Los Angeles.

1. Hollywood Inn Express South

One of the best cheap motels in Los Angeles is 1.6 miles from Walt Disney Concert Hall, 1.7 miles from Dodger Stadium, and 2.4 miles from Staples Center and the Los Angeles Convention Center.

All modern, air-conditioned rooms and suites for 1 to 6 people have a private bathroom with a bathtub and free WIFI, TV, and mini fridge. Benefits include free breakfast and free parking. There is an outdoor pool and a shuttle to Disneyland Resort (for a fee).

2. LA Ramona Motel

Dating from 1947, this simple motel is a 9-minute walk from a subway station, 3 miles from the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum, and 6 miles from the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The bright, uncomplicated rooms with colorful accents are accessible via exterior entrances and offer Wi-Fi access and cable TV as well as microwaves and mini-fridges. Parking spots are available. This is one of the best cheap motels in Los Angeles.

3. Mission Motel

Located off I-105, this humble motel is 3 miles from the Watts Towers Arts Center, 13 miles from Los Angeles International Airport, and 15 miles from Dockweiler State Beach.

The simple rooms offer free Wi-Fi, cable TV, microwaves, and mini-fridges. Room service is available. On-site parking is free. Laundry facilities are also available.

4. Crenshaw Inn Motel

This low-key motel on a commercial street is 3 miles from Interstate 110, 4 miles from the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History, and 5 miles from Los Angeles International Airport.

The uncomplicated rooms are accessible via exterior entrances and have free WiFi, flat-screen TVs, microwaves, mini-fridges, and air conditioning. Parking is free. Airport transfers are available (fees may apply).

5. Sand Piper Motel

In a humble neighborhood on a street with shops and restaurants, this no-hassle, the low-rise motel is one mile from I-10 and three miles from downtown STAPLES Center.

Sand Piper Motel
Sand Piper Motel

Down-to-earth, unpretentious rooms have free Wi-Fi, plus flat-screen TVs, mini-fridges, and desks. Off-street parking is available at no additional cost. This is another cheap motels in Los Angeles.

6. World Motel

On a roadside less than 1 mile from Interstate 105, this no-nonsense motel is 2 miles from the Watts Towers Arts Center and 17 miles from Redondo Beach along the Pacific Ocean.

The bright, uncomplicated rooms have exterior entrances, free WiFi, flat-screen TVs and microwaves, and mini-fridges. Room service is available. Parking is free.

7. 24 Hours Motel

Decent-sized rooms with clean bedding and washroom. Parking is available. Free wifi, flat screen TV, mini-fridges, and microwave. The room service is great.

8. Comet Motel

This cheap motels in Los Angeles is a 15-minute walk from the Avalon Blvd / I-105 subway station and 2 miles from the Watts Towers Arts Center and 11 miles from Los Angeles International Airport.

Accessible through exterior corridors, the simple rooms have free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and desks, and en suite bathrooms. Parking is free. An airport shuttle can be booked at an additional cost.

9. Central Inn Motel

This modest motel in the historic South Central neighborhood is 3 miles from the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum and 4 miles from the Staples Center Arena.

The function rooms have cable TV and desks and all have a private bathroom. Some have free WiFi. Parking is free and there is also a business center and 24-hour front desk.

10. Hollywood Guest Inn

This simple cheap motels in Los Angeles is a 7-minute walk from the Hollywood / Highland Subway Station and 11 minutes from the TCL Chinese Theater and the Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard.

The unpretentious rooms have en-suite bathrooms, TVs with premium channels, and mini-fridges. WiFi is available at an additional cost. On-site parking and an airport shuttle are available (fees apply).

Top 10 Cheap Motels In Los Angeles
Top 10 Cheap Motels In Los Angeles

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Difference Between A Hotel And A Motel

When you are on the go and far from home, you need a place to stay. Your options are numerous – hostels, bed and breakfasts, campsites, and more – but for many travelers, there are two types of accommodation: hotels and motels.

Each fulfills its purpose and has its price. The better one for you depends on what you need, how much you can spend and how long you will be there.

Hotel“, according to Merriam-Webster, originated in 1765 and comes from the French for an establishment that offers accommodation, meals, and other services. “Motel” came much later, in 1925, according to Merriam-Webster.


Hotels and motels differ in layout and construction. Hotels can contain hundreds of rooms and multiple floors. They usually have stairs, elevators, and internal corridors that lead to the rooms.

Cheap motels in Los Angeles usually have a one- or two-story layout and guests enter their rooms directly from the parking lot.

Some hotels, especially those in the luxury lodging sector, have certain architectural and design styles, such as the Waldorf Astoria in New York. Cheap motels in Los Angeles are usually more purpose-built.


In general, hotels offer a wider range of services. These include room service, an on-site restaurant and cocktail lounge, laundry facilities, and on-site recreation and relaxation such as indoor pools, exercise equipment, and spa services such as whirlpools and masseuses.

Some hotels also serve as resorts and offer their guests extensive entertainment options such as casinos and theaters. Cheap motels in Los Angeles traditionally have less service, but some have swimming pools and free light breakfasts.

How do I get a motel voucher in Los Angeles?

The program provides shelter vouchers for families with children aged 18 and younger, who are homeless in the Greater El Monte area. This program operates only when funds are available. People who receive assistance are sent to a motel or hotel in the area.

We provide a crisis housing motel voucher and any other resource referrals they may need. After regular business hours, 211 LA can provide crisis housing motel vouchers and transportation to motel locations for any eligible family (dependent on motel capacity/availability). Learn more about 211 LA’s CESF Program Here.


What does it costs to live in cheap motels in Los Angeles?

The cheapest weekly-priced hotels range from $ 90 to $ 125 a week – but they’re not always in the safest areas or lack amenities.

The most expensive weekly-priced hotels range from $ 325 to $ 450 a week – and they have plenty of amenities.

Why is motel 6 so cheap?

Motel 6 is about the last motel chain – including cheaper and more expensive brands – that STILL charges extra for in-room WiFi.

The only recognizable reason for this is so that they can ADVERTISE at the “lowest rates”. Even if they are NOT really low considering that WiFi is a constant necessity for most people.

Is renting more expensive than living in cheap motels in Los Angeles?

The short answer: life in a hotel is as expensive as you make it.

Depending on your standard of living and the ways in which you can deduct the cost, this can be cheaper or more expensive than renting an apartment.

What is the rate of cheap motels in California?

For the past 30 days, cheap California motels started selling at $ 60, though prices were typically closer to $ 100.

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