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Difference Between Hotels And Motels: Where Should I Stay on My Next Vacation?

Traveling somewhere and searching for accommodations to book can be quite stressful. When you go to online booking sites you see all the hotels and cheap motels to book.

You can find differences in price and other things between motel and hotel. Now, Wondering what is the difference between a hotel and a motel.

Difference Between Hotels and Motels

We are here to tell you just that. Just follow our admonitions on the difference between hotels and motels in different places in the united states and you will quickly get an answer with which you should proceed on your next vacation.

What’s The Difference Between Hotel And Motel?

In this difference between hotels and motels, usually hotels are accommodations within the city limits that are open to the customer for a short time. Facilities such as a washstand, bed, cupboard, and table were previously available.

Over time, more luxury items such as restaurants, pools, telephones, and internet are provided to make the guest more comfortable. Recently, hotels have allowed their customers to stay longer.

Difference Between Hotels and Motels
Difference Between Hotels and Motels

Motels, on the other hand, offer drivers a place to rest. This word was coined after World War II. Simply put, a motel means a hotel where drivers can relax.

These have large parking spaces for vehicles. Here the difference between hotels and motels is, interconnected rooms open up to a shared parking lot or a small room is directly accessible from the parking lot.

The demand for motels has increased after the construction of highways, which has enabled people to make long journeys. There are motels near these highways where drivers can rest.

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Comparison Between A Hotel And A Motel

Here below we have declared some major and important topics about the difference between hotels and motels.

This will help you with some information and details about the difference between hotels and motels, both places.

DefinitionThis is a facility that provides paid accommodations for a short period of time only and provides a variety of amenities to increase the satisfaction of your stay.It is a facility that provides paid lodging for a short period of time and provides various amenities to increase the satisfaction of the stay.
ApperanceSingle, multi-layered, or multi-layered; There is a room leading to the inside of the building.Single or multi-story building with interconnecting rooms, open passage, and exterior entrance.
LocationThey are everywhere in towns and villages. Often in/near business districts, airports, downtown areas, attractions, highways, resorts, casinos, sports venues, and other places.They are usually on the highway, but you can find them near the outskirts of town, hotels, rural areas, and many other places you can find them.
LocationLocated anywhere in a city or village. Often near business districts, airports, city centers, attractions, highways, vacation areas, within / near casinos, sports arenas, and other locations.Usually located on highways but also near the outskirts, in many places where you would find hotels, rural areas, and other places.
StarsI found it with a star rating for quality. 1 to 5 stars.We don’t consider star ratings, but most travel sites rate them between 1.5 and 2.5 stars.
AmenitiesOther Amenities – 1 or more swimming pools (indoor and outdoor), jacuzzi, fitness center, an arcade/game room, banquet/meeting facilities, business center, WI-fi, different levels of accommodation (standard, premium, family suite, jacuzzi, suites, etc.) and so on.Minimal amenities – usually no swimming pool (outdoor where available), jacuzzi, business or fitness center, or other amenities listed in the hotel.
Brand ExamplesHoliday Inn, Best Western, Marriott, Comfort Inn, Sheraton, Four Seasons, Hyatt, Radisson, and more. Some may be franchises with a motel-like layout but still have hotel features.Holiday Inn, Best Western, Marriott, Comfort Inn, Sheraton, Four Seasons, Hyatt, Radisson, and more. Some may be franchises with a motel-like layout, but still have hotel features.
Difference between hotels and motels

Why You Should Book A Motel?

Difference Between Hotels And Motels
Difference Between Hotels And Motels

In considering the difference between hotels and motels, are a number of numbers of situations when a motel makes more sense than a hotel. Here are some of them :

  1. If you’re looking for the best value for money and aren’t interested in the amenities of your property, motels may be cheaper. They are unlikely to offer services such as room service, laundry, gym, or spa.
  2. If you’re on the move, motels are a convenient option as they give you a cheap place to turn a blind eye after a long day of driving.

Price Difference Between Hotel And Motel

Hotels can be cheap or expensive depending on the amenities and quality of services provided. Motels are cheaper than hotels because they offer very basic facilities.

Hotels usually cost more per night, but location is key in determining this. They are also designed for long stays, from a few weeks to several months. Motels are designed for shorter days (usually a few days) but are generally a cheaper option per night.

Motel VS Hotel | Best Chains Nearby

There are several motel chains and as well hotel chains as per accommodations when you are heading for an affordable trip over the place, and the suggestions on the difference between hotels and motels are as follows,

Famous Hotel Chains :

Sl. No.Hotel ChainsRating
1.Holiday Inn4.5
3.Hampton Inn4.4
Famous Hotel Chains

Famous Motel Chains:

Sl. No.Motel ChainsRating
1.Motel 64.6
2.Super 84.5
3.Knights Inn4.5
Famous Motel Chains

Motel vs Hotel Difference: 10 Free Tips

The difference between hotels and motels, and regarding that hotel is a facility that provides lodging, dining, entertainment, and a variety of personal services to the general public.

Comparing Motel VS Hotel

A motel is a facility that provides lodging and parking, and usually, rooms are accessible via an outdoor parking lot.

1. Interior Design

In the circumstances of the difference between hotels and motels, then Hotels can be as many levels as you can imagine whereas inns and motels are no more than 2 or 3 levels.

Motels and inns have their room exits on the outside and a hotel is more private with rooms that lead inward into a corridor that leads to a lobby and then outside, making it a little safer for guests.

2. Parking and Valet Service

Hotels usually have a seat outside their doors, and some even offer valet parking and concierge services. They have elevators to take you from one floor to the other.

You probably won’t find any of these luxuries in a motel or inn. Basically, these structural things are way ahead if the conditions are different between hotels and motels.

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3. Room Service and Dining Area

Motels are designed for quick and easy overnight stays; some can even be booked by the hour.

Regarding the difference between hotels and motels, motels offer room service, and motels and inns have a breakfast bar or some sort of dining area. They may only offer certain foods that a hotel is more likely to offer menu service.

4. Amenities

Hotels are usually more exclusive, and motels and inns have offices in many cities. The hotels offer pools, hot tubs, and exercise rooms, as well as other upscale amenities that most inns and motels don’t. Also, hotels offer internet service whereas an inn or motel might not.

The bottom line difference between hotels and motels is that motels and inns usually have more noticeable advertisements such as neon lights. Hotels do not advertise this way.

5. Comfortability

Guest houses and motels are cheaper and on average don’t charge as much per night as a hotel.

If you want to shower and get some sleep, a motel or inn may be your best bet. If you are looking for accommodation with a little more comfort, choose a hotel.

Hotels have a luxurious feel by offering a higher quality environment such as linens, towels, washcloths, and even the furniture used in the rooms. Motels and inns offer a cheaper version of the same thing.

The bottom line difference between hotels and motels is that motels and inns are cheap versions of a hotel but are designed for the purpose of rest.

6. Duration Of Stay

A motel is targeted toward those traveling on the highway who want a break from their journey. A hotel is targeted at all sorts of people, such as business people, travelers, students, etc.

Even so, few motels or hotels will turn away long stays, and motels in particular are often amenable to extended stays.

7. Types

With the specialization of services, the hotel has diversified and expanded its services. Nowadays, there are different types of hotels such as boutique hotels, garden hotels, and underwater hotels. A motel can be a short stay or a long stay motel.

8. Restaurants

Hotels usually have a restaurant and room service.

Room service may or may not be available at motels. However, many motels offer a complimentary “continental” breakfast, a light breakfast consisting of cereal, breakfast bread, fruit, juice, coffee, and tea.

9. Pricing

Hotels can be cheap or expensive depending on the amenities and quality of services provided. Motels are cheaper than hotels because they offer very basic facilities.

10. Appearance

Hotels often cater to those looking for a “vacation” or at least basic luxuries. As such, hotels are often well-designed and frequently remodeled.

Design is not a factor in most cases as motels are more focused on meeting the basic needs of providing a place to sleep and wash up. However, this can vary a lot from place to place due to local competition.

Extended Stay Hotels

Long-stay hotels and motels (also known as serviced apartments) are a type of accommodation with features that are not available in standard hotels.

As per the difference between hotels and motels, these features are designed to provide more home comfort.

There are currently 27 extended stay chains in North America with at least 7 hotels representing more than 2,000 hotels.

Cheap Extended Stay Motels And Hotels
Cheap Extended Stay Motels

There is a significant difference between hotels and motels that is long-stay hotels in terms of quality and the facilities available.

Some of the economic chains attract customers who use the hotels as semi-permanent accommodations. Long-stay hotels usually have self-service laundry facilities and offer discounts for long-term stays of 5 or 7 days.

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They also have guest rooms (or “suites”) with kitchens. The kitchens usually include at least a sink, refrigerator (usually full size), microwave, and hob.

Some kitchens also have dishwashers and conventional ovens. Long-stay hotels are aimed at business travelers on long-term assignments, families moving house, and others who require temporary accommodation with differences between hotels and motels.

Month Motels And Hotels Under $300, $500

Monthly lodging hotels near me with weekly rates can serve the adventurous traveler in several ways.

If you’re looking to boil for less than $300 a month motels near me will make you feel at home during your travels. Then make sure the excavation is comfortable and practical.

Along with it, there are more options where the price gets a little bit higher but the quality increases as well at $500 Month Motel deals.

Weekly Motels And Hotels Cheap Near Me

Cheap weekly motels near me can serve the adventurous traveler for a weekly fee in several ways.

If you want to simmer for weeks or months in a nearby location, choose a hotel that costs really less per week and you will feel at home while you travel. You need a place to visit for short-term business or to unpack your transfer process.

Whatever the reason, TrueTravelPlanner can help you find extended-stay weekly motel rates near me that will make you comfortable and happy while traveling.

If you are planning a long stay around the place, consider choosing a cheap motel weekly near me. Stock up on your favorite foods and save money by cooking delicious meals yourself in the included kitchenette.

The extra living space provided by most long-term weekly motels near me rates provides a place for you and your family or travel companions to relax and unwind while traveling.

The Residence Inn Chain

The Residence Inn chain was founded by Jack DeBoer in Wichita, Kansas, in 1975 and was acquired by the Marriott Corporation in 1987. As of April 2005, there were over 450 Residence Inn hotels in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Staybridge Suites and Candlewood Suites, both owned by the InterContinental Hotels Group, are two examples of hotels for business and long-term travelers. Another long-stay hotel brand is the Homewood Suites, part of Hilton Worldwide.

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In 2005 they acquired the Suburban Extended Stay hotel chain with over 150 hotels open and under development. Intown Suites is a low-budget, extended-stay chain founded in 1988 with 139 locations in 21 states.

Since 1999 the US budget hotel chain Motel 6, which belongs to the Blackstone Group (formerly Accor), operates Studio 6, a chain of hotels for long-term stays with weekly prices. The chain offers a kitchen area in their rooms, allows pets, and operates in 18 US states and Canada.

FAQs About the Difference Between Hotels and Motels

Why is it called a motel?

The word motel, entered into dictionaries after World War II and was coined as the Portmanteau abbreviation for “Motor Hotel”, comes from the Mon-Tel milestone of San Luis Obispo, California (now the Motel Inn of San Luis Obispo), the was built in 1925.

The term originally referred to a type of hotel consisting of a single building of interconnected rooms, the doors of which face a parking lot and, under certain circumstances, a communal area or a series of small cabins with shared parking spaces. Motels are often privately owned, although there are motel chains.

In the difference between hotels and motels what’s better, a hotel or a motel?

As per the difference between hotels and motels, motels are usually cheaper than hotels, so if you want a place t crash for the night then motels are a great option.

If you wanna stay for a while and have a luxury stay then go with hotels cause you have more options on the difference between hotels and motels.

Are Inns and hotels same?

Unlike hotels, inns are smaller and more intimate and do not offer luxurious service. They are intended for short-term living with limited food and drink.

Mostly built in rural areas, the inns are stand-alone buildings with limited rooms and unique in-house restaurants.

Can you live in a motel?

Yes, extended stays at motels are a thing so technically you can. Can you stay in a motel?
“The answer is YES, you definitely can – because you basically have everything you need in your fully furnished room: bed, pillows, and sheets – to sleep on.

Can I live in a hotel for free ?

Contact hostels or private hotels and negotiate a free rental if you work for them part or full-time.
Some larger chains disagree with this arrangement, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.
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