Members of the International Ladies Garment Workers Union stand on 5th Avenue during the Labor Day Parade, in New York

President Grover Cleveland during his first term at the White House in 1888.

A marching band at the Labor Day Parade in Silverton, Colorado

Travelers queue up at the south security checkpoint in Denver International Airport as the Labor Day holiday approaches

We also celebrate workers and the labor movement on a completely different day from most of the rest of the world: Labor Day vs. May Day.

There were 15 daily newspapers in the city at the time, and their coverage of the event was mostly glowing.

The first Labor Day celebrated 130 years ago in NewYork, But it was not untill 12 years later in 1984, affter 23 states adopted it and Congress made it as a international holiday.

The American Railroad Union called for the boycott of all Pullman railway cars, wreaking havoc on railroad traffic nationwide.

In the 1830s, women working in textile mills in Lowell, Massachusetts began to protest their poor working conditions and low wages.

Anarchists and other political radicals believed that the demand for a reduction in daily working hours was a moderate request and, at first, did not want to get involved.

International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union protest after the Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire, which cost 146 workers their lives and led to new laws for better working conditions, New York, 1911.