Devil In Ohio: Netflix’s chilling new suspense thriller about a satanic cult is based on true events

Netflix’s : Devil In Ohio isbased on a true story of cult adn inspired by the book DEVIL IN OHIO

Canadian actress Madeleine Arthur plays cult escapee Mae in Netflix’s thrilling television mystery Devil in Ohio, based on the novel of the same name by Daria Polatin.

Madeleine said Mae was the most challenging and complex character she's ever played, and she did a great job of bringing her to life.

Emily Deschanel plays Suzanne, a psychiatrist whose particularly challenging new patient Mae (Madeleine Arthur) seems in urgent need of shelter after escaping a cult

“Devil in Ohio” is centered around the escape of a girl named Mae (Madeleine Arthur) from the Satan-worshiping cult in Amontown And Dr. Suzanne helps her to take out from this.

Dr. Suzanne fosters Mae by bringing her into her family of five; which consists of her husband Peter, who is a real estate agent, and her three children, Helen, Jules, and Dani.

The whole movie stays in a very dark tone and by the end of it, it becomes really thriller and ends up with a horror side of it.